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Uchuu Kaizoku Sara Vol. 01 Giiren no Futago


宇宙海賊サラ Vol.01 ギーレンの双子



Sarah is a space pirate warrior who roams a galaxy filled with war! But even as the many warlords vie with each other for supremacy, a dark, evil trap is tightening around Sarah. When she faces the silver knight Sylia, the utterly corrupt nobility, a dark slave trader and two evil twin brothers, Sara finds herself in a precarious situation!


Sarah accepts the request of Joachim, an official of the Blankenheim government that seeks hegemony over the galaxy, and with his help succeeds in capturing the silver knight and heroine Sylia. Then she assumes Sylia's identity, and discovers the location of a treasure she has been hunting for many years! But then things go wrong...









Uchuu Kaizoku Sara  Vol. 01     RAW





Uchuu Kaizoku Sara Vol. 02


宇宙海賊サラ Vol.02 虜囚の被虐騎士


Pirate knight Sara is captured and exposed in brutal sexual violation training along with twin sister Selia. Selia is turned into a futanari and has her pride as a female pirate knight soiled and ripped to shreds as she gets gangbanged in front of everyone’s view on the beach and forced to have sex with lizard men. Selia quickly falls into the depths of humiliation as her body is ravaged, but the dim glow of hope hasn't yet left Sarah’s eyes.


Silver Selia is turned into a futanari and sexually trains Sarah with her female cock.  Sarah is gangbanged in front of everyone on a resort beach while wearing a sexy swimsuit.







Uchuu Kaizoku Sara  Vol. 02    RAW




Uchuu Kaizoku Sara Vol. 03


宇宙海賊サラ Vol.03 狂宴のふたなり騎士



Sara stands up courageously against the humiliation given by the vicious twin sisters. However, she now has a cock as a result of the body modification, and the pleasure she gets from it is so strong that she shows her ecstasy in public against her will!














Uchuu Kaizoku Sara  Vol. 03     RAW